SSE International Forum is saddened to announce the passing of David Dao on December 20, 2020 in Mali.

General Manager of Kafo Jiginew (Union des Caisses Mutuelles d'Epargne et de Crédit du Mali) and a director on the board of SSE International Forum, David Dao is an emblematic figure in the development of microfinance in Mali. In 1987, he joined the pilot phase of what would become a large financial cooperative with a social and solidarity-based mission. Within the organization, he climbed all the levels during the thirty years he spent there. He was elected to head Kafo Jiginew in a context marked by political and security instability, but managed during his seven years of leadership to turn the institution around by restoring the confidence of its employees, members and partners through transparent and participatory management. This long-term work has enabled Kafo Jiginew to perpetuate its model which, despite the pandemic and the crises it has caused, has been given a BB- rating in its social and financial rating by MFR, the international rating agency specialized in inclusive and sustainable finance. A stability that augurs a future rich in promises for the development and recognition of SSE in Mali and beyond.

Within SSE International Forum, David Dao has always promoted the Social Solidarity Economy as a real tool in the fight against poverty and a lever for the economic and social development of vulnerable populations. His mission at the head of Kafo Jiginew and on the board of SSE International Forum will now be continued by Ibrahima Keïta, his successor. The latter shares many similarities, both in terms of his career path and solidarity values, with the man who was his mentor in the cooperative he joined in 1998.

SSE International Forum extends its condolences to Mr. Dao's family and collaborators, as well as to the entire Social Solidarity Economy community.